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The composition of cleansing ingredients - clays, diatomaceous earth and hemp oil contained in the face wash paste is designed to deal with even invisible facial impurities. The product is perfect for cleansing the skin in the winter, when the level of air pollution rises above the norm and dust particles settle on the skin.

Diatomaceous earth - has an antibacterial, exfoliating effect. A natural source of silicon. It also has a purifying, anti-inflammatory and regenerative effect.

Blue clay - thanks to the high content of minerals strongly nourishes the skin, gently cleanses and oxygenates it. It stimulates the regeneration processes, improves circulation and evens out the skin tone.

Green clay - has cleansing, absorbing and healing properties, helps in the treatment of acne and pimples. Thanks to its properties it is ideal for combination, oily and problematic skin.

Hemp oil - has strong regenerating, strengthening and nourishing properties, it also helps to maintain the right level of hydration of the horny layer of the skin.

Action: cleansing, washing, astringent

Application: for face cleansing several times a week. Due to the structure of the cosmetic and its ingredients it can dry out the skin when used too intensively, therefore it is not recommended for daily use.

Method of use: Place a hazelnut-sized amount of the paste in the palm of your hand. Rub with your hands until a delicate foam appears, that is until the paste dissolves. Apply to previously moistened face and wash.

Capacity: 60 ml (glass jar)

100% natural ingredients

It may contain essential oil or fragrance (see "Ingredients"). Test on a small piece of skin before use.